Foster Care and Adoption

When children cannot remain in their own homes due to safety concerns, and appropriate relatives are not available, foster care is the next least restrictive and preferred setting. While foster care is considered a temporary situation, it is a full-time commitment. A child will remain in a foster home until their parents or an appropriate relative are able to safely resume their parenting responsibilities, or until an adoptive family is found. The length of placement varies with each child’s circumstances, and the progress of the case plan.

While a child lives with a foster family, a caseworker will visit your home monthly to monitor the child’s progress. You will also have a visit from your placement caseworker, who is there to support you in your role as a foster parent. You will receive a monthly per diem to help you meet the basic needs of the child or children placed in your home.

Adoption is the permanent and legal transfer of all parental rights and responsibilities from one family to another. When adopting children through Marion County Children Services, the agency would first obtain permanent custody of the child through Juvenile Court, making the child legally eligible for adoption. Adoptive parents assume all the rights and responsibilities any biological parent would have. This is a permanent arrangement. Some adopted children are eligible to receive a monthly subsidy from the state. This adoption subsidy is child specific and determined by the state on a case-by-case basis.

Marion’s Kids

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Santa Wish Program

Find out how you can support kids in foster or kinship care this holiday season.

Foster Parent Requirements

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Adoptive Parent Requirements

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Training Schedules

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Ohio Adoption Guide

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Independent Living Assessment and Planning Services

All youth ages 14 and older under the custody of MCCS are eligible for independent living assessment and planning services. Each youth will work with a provider to complete an independent living assessment and plan to set their independent living plan in motion.

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