Choose Your Partner Carefully

When you choose a partner for you,
You are choosing for your child too.

Your child is counting on you to make the right decision.

Never leave your child with someone
you don’t trust with your child’s life.


Warning Signs:

Sometimes, when you are in love, you can miss the warning signs. One of the most important signs to look for is how your child acts when left alone with your partner.

Does your partner…

  • Show anger or impatience when your child cries or has a tantrum?
  • Call your child BAD NAMES or put him down?
  • Think it is funny to SCARE your child?
  • Make ALL the decisions for you and your child?
  • Tell you that you are a bad parent or that you should not have your kids?
  • Pretend that when HE HURTS YOUR CHILD that you are to BLAME or that it’s NO BIG DEAL?
  • Tell you that your child is a nuisance?
  • Have a criminal history?
  • Abuse drugs, alcohol or prescription medication?
  • Get violent or controlling with you?

If you have answered YES to even ONE of these your child might be at risk. Never leave your child with someone you don’t trust with your child’s life!

Very few people believe that someone they love or trust could ever hurt their child. But it happens.

Far too often, a child is abused or even killed when left in the care of a mother’s partner, usually a boyfriend (who is typically not the biological father).

  • In 2009, a study, published in the August issue of Pediatrics found that 83% of beating/shaking injuries causing the death of the child were at the hands of mother’s partner.
  • According to Ohio’s 2010 Child Fatality Review, 76% of child abuse and neglect deaths occured among children younger than 5 years old.
  • Marion County Children Services shows the local rate of abuse or neglect caused by a paramour, significant other, unmarried partner or step-parent is 18%.


Many non-biological partners have no relationship or commitment to the child. They are primarily interested in their own romantic involvement with the mother and become irritated when problems with the child arise. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the common circumstances for a child’s death are the child being at home, being alone with the mother’s partner, and crying.

40% of babies born in the United States are born to single women and living arrangements are often casual. Many of these mothers lack childcare but need to work in order to keep their public assistance benefits. Instead of seeking a qualified childcare center or person to care for their children, mothers are leaving them with their partner. Not only do the partners often times have no relationship with the child, they have even less patience and maturity.

Get to know a person before you allow access to your children.

Know if your partner has a criminal history:

Marion County Municipal Court:

Marion County Clerk of Courts:

eSORN Sex Offender Registry:

If you believe that you or your child are at risk, you can receive help:

  • Get you and your child to a SAFE place
  • If you cannot get to a SAFE place, contact law enforcement:
    Marion City Police: 740-387-2525
    Marion Co. Sheriff: 740-382-8244
    In case of emergency: 911
  • To report child abuse or to obtain parenting resources contact:
    Marion County Children Services 740-389-2317
  • For Domestic Violence shelter and supportive services contact:
    Turning Point 740-382-8988
  • For counseling and parenting classes contact:
    Marion Area Counseling Center 740-387-5210
  • For Child Care choices contact:
    Job and Family Services 740-387-8560 or the Boys & Girls Club 740-387-3462
  • For teen pregnancy prevention and testing contact:
    MAPP 740-387-8336
  • For early childhood development support services contact:
    Help Me Grow 740-387-2916
  • For additional community resources call Contact Care-Line 383-CARE (2273)